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Working w/ NIKON @ CES 2024

We have received a last minute request from one of our old clients, Hideoki & Co, based out of New York City to do some last minute coverage for Nikon at their booth during CES 2024.

It's always an exciting opportunity working with such large clients and usually the first order of business is understanding exactly what the client's needs are.

Traditionally we like to set all the involved parties down at a round table over a Zoom call and flush all the details of the production, talk about shots, what the focus is on and how the footage is going to be used.

Zoom calls also allow us to sort of meet the client in person even when they are located on the other side of the world.

After the zoom call we usually have a pretty good idea of what and how needs to be done, also the timing is extremely important. A good fluid productions is like a well choreographed dance and our objective is to put all the pieces into places to make sure that everything is accounted for and we will have everything needed on the day of to get the job done right.

Client's satisfaction is our number one priority and we are here to serve our clients.

When we are doing booth coverage for a client it is very important to be a sort of a fly on the wall and not distract or get in the way of clients and potential customers.

We have to be as fluid as possible and keep a distance, while still getting the needed shots.

Overall, on this occasion this was a 2 camera operation. A Director of Photography, Art Freeman, along with B-camera operator, Jaden Morelli.

It was decided to shoot on Sony FX6 as an A camera w/ Sony A7SIII on a gimbal as the B-Camera. This setup allowed us to get a combination of nice static shots w/ movement shots.

Ideally, any time anyone is doing event coverage, you want to have static shots and movement shots. This creates for the most dynamic story telling in the end. Obviously different tools for different jobs, but this is a nice combination.

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