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Why Professional Video Production needs a certain budget

Our clients value their time above all. When they reach out to us they want everything to be handled swiftly and professionally.

They will do their due diligence and assess all the risks but when it comes time to working with anyone first time there is always a certain degree of taking a chance.

Our job is to make sure they are making a good decision by going with us and can sleep well at night. Reputation is everything in this industry. So we make sure everything gets done right and on time.

Depending on the size of the production, we may or may not need to bring additional crew onto the set.

Depending on the scope of the production, generally we will make an assessment and will send a production estimate to the client for review and get approval. Everything is itemized line by line so the client has full transparency. We need to make sure the expectations are set. This is an industry standard.

The bigger the clients, the higher the stakes. We take full accountability for the production and ensure production success.

At the very least to get the job done right you need to have a Director of Photography on set, if there are audio needs, we need to bring in a dedicated Sound Mixer and gear of course. There have to be budgets for crew day rates and a separate budget for gear.

Once again all this is broken down and discussed in pre-production. Once again we are here to educate and walk the client through the production process.

Think of it this way. You are not going to expect much from a $10 set of speakers, but a $1000 set of speakers should ultimately translate in quality, longevity, richness of sound.

So the more serious the budget is the higher are the expectations. There is a direct correlation.

HUSTL Media productions is a corporate video production company in Las Vegas, NV.

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