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Flying Drone Indoors - Beware

Every now and then a company will approach us with a request to have the drone flown inside their facility for various reasons. Usually to showcase some of the products or installations.

There are few things that have to be taken into consideration.

1st of - Do you need FAA authorization for flying indoors?

The simple answer is NO. Since you are not flying in a commercial airspace, the FAA is not involved.

What you will need is to request a special permission from the venue. Your client may ask you to fly indoors but ultimately whoever the governing body of the venue is needs to actually sign off on the flight operations.

2nd. Flying indoors is extremely dangerous and is a liability. There are a million different things that might affect how the drone behaves and it's super easy to lose control of it and hit something or someone.

3rd. Make sure the drone pilot or the company is insured in case something happens. Here at HUSTL Media we carry a general liability insurance of $2M.

4th. Safety must be insured at all costs and if something feels off, it's better to ground the drone and scrap the shot. Last thing anyone needs is for something to go wrong.

5th. Make sure the company or person you are hiring for flying the drone inside has previous verifiable experience and can show examples of footage from flying inside.

Here's an example of a time a client asked us for indoor drone footage. They are a design company here in Las Vegas and had created a number of installations that they wanted captured for their marketing needs to be distributed for their potential clients.

We decided to fly DJI Mavic 3, it's an optimal drone for these sort of things.

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