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Shooting for Zion National Parks and Rec together w/ Subaru

Last year we got a request to take care of a Sustainability focused production for Zion National Parks & Rec that was sponsored by Subaru.

Naturally this was an exciting opportunity to shoot on location but more importantly to showcase our skillset and take care of our client's needs.

After figuring out the production needs over the course of a couple of weeks, and after multiple zoom calls we were ready to go into battle.

We were allocated 2 production days with first day being spent on shooting B-roll and 2nd day dedicated to focusing on shooting interviews.

Gear wise, we had to be slim and mobile as there was planned to be a lot of location changes to capture the beauty of the park and showcase what it had to offer.

We've decided to shoot on Sony FX6 as they are light weight, mobile, have internal ND's and produce a great image. In terms of lenses we had decided to try out the brand new Laowa Ranger FF Cine Zooms. It seemed they would do a great job and plus we were planning to interview Park rangers on day 2.

On day 1 it was decided to best split into 2 teams. Each team had their own vehicle plus a camera operator. So this was a 2 camera operation. This way were were able to divide and conquer and same us a lot of time. It was a truly amazing experience, and our client was very happy w/ the final product.

Day 2 we shot all the interviews on location and had to cope w/ the elements. Well that is one of the main challenges of shooting outside.

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