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Shooting Football Combine in Las Vegas,NV

It's always a pleasure watching kids go after their their dreams and playing sports competitively.

On Jan 31, 2021 I got to capture for the 3rd time the David Schuman Football Combine in Las Vegas.

We usually start off with taking a photo of every participant. For that job I like to utilize my Canon T6i camera with a #Canon2470mm lens. I find that as long as you have good lighting, good and clean background and frame the shot right you can get some decent shots.

As far as the video rig goes things get a little bit more interesting.

Now past couple of times, not really knowing what to expect I had utilized the following rigs.

1st time :

Camera - #SonyA7SII

Lens - #Sony35mmF18 [a prime] + Variable ND Filter

Stabilizer - #DJIRoninS

Follow Focus - #NucleusNano

Monitor - #SmallHD501

Now that setup worked OK, it allowed me to move around freely and get up, close, and personal with the players but since I kept the camera on manual focus I had to constantly adjust my focus as I went along. It was cool and I was able to create shallow depth of field which looks great on film, but it did provide for a lot of work and constantly changing batteries on the Sony A7SIi which has notoriously bad batteries. So between that and changing the batteries on the monitor it was a lot of running back and forth.

2nd time

Camera - #SonyA7SII

Lens - #Canon2470mm Variable ND Filter

Rig - Tilta Shoulder Rig

Monitor - #Feelworld279S

So this time I was gonna do things differently. A lot of times when we are filming something live we want to be able to move around freely but also take advantage of a zoom lens, so I decided to build a shoulder rig and test out the performance. You get a lot more control this way, you can shoot shallow depth of field but it does get heavy after a while and you get tired from hauling the rig on your shoulder for a few hours straight. You can try to get it to be as light as you can but still it is gonna weigh around at least 5-8 lbs and you are gonna get tired.

3rd time - this time

Camera - #SonyA7SII

Lens - #Canon70200mm Variable ND Filter

Tripod - Manfrotto Carbon Fiber tripod w/ 12N Fluid head

Monitor - #Feelworld279S

Audio - RodeWirelessGo

This time I wanted to carry less on my shoulders :), have steady shots, fluid pans and tilts, and be able to really zoom in on the action. Less running around, just had to reposition the sticks a million times to capture all the action.

Lesson: The more you do something, the more you experiment, the more you find out what works and what doesn't and kinda go from there. The most important thing is the client's budget and the final result. Let me know about your projects and we will create something cool.


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