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Most Interesting Filming Locations in Henderson, NV

Henderson, NV, a city adjacent to Las Vegas, offers a variety of unique and interesting filming locations suitable for various types of productions. Here are some of the most interesting locations in Henderson for filming purposes:

This image artistically showcases a variety of filming locations in Henderson, NV. It includes serene Lake Las Vegas, the rugged terrain of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, historic buildings of the Clark County Heritage Museum, and the tranquil Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve with ponds and birdlife. The composition blends these diverse landscapes, highlighting the unique beauty of Henderson’s urban and natural settings. The style is realistic and vibrant, emphasizing the distinct characteristics of each location.

  • Lake Las Vegas: A resort-style area featuring a beautiful lake and Mediterranean architecture, ideal for a luxurious and scenic backdrop.

  • Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve: A serene location for nature documentaries or peaceful scenes, offering tranquil ponds and a variety of birdlife.

  • Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area: Known for its petroglyphs and scenic trails, perfect for outdoor adventure or landscape shots.

  • Clark County Heritage Museum: Offers a historical setting with restored buildings, ideal for period pieces or educational content.

  • Lion Habitat Ranch: A unique setting for wildlife-themed projects, hosting lions and other animals.

  • Green Valley Ranch Resort: A modern resort that can provide a luxurious and upscale filming environment.

  • Emerald Waterfalls: Offers picturesque waterfall scenes within a suburban setting.

  • Studio 2906: A versatile studio space that can accommodate various types of indoor shoots.

  • Henderson International School and CSN Henderson Campus: Educational settings that can be used for a variety of filming purposes.

  • Las Vegas Coin Laundry: An unconventional location that can add an interesting element to a scene.

These locations provide a range of urban, natural, and unique backdrops suitable for different filming requirements, from commercials to feature films. When planning a shoot in these locations, it's important to check for necessary permits and permissions.

For more detailed information and additional locations, you can explore the Nevada Film Office's database of filming locations, which includes a wide range of options across the state, including Henderson​​. Additionally, Peerspace offers a selection of unique film shoot locations in Henderson that can be rented for various productions​

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