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How to pick the RIGHT production company

Updated: Jan 17

Any time you are in need of professional video production it's a challenge finding the right candidate for the job.

You have to try to feel them out in the shortest amount of time but there are red flags to watch out for.

First of you want to see their previous work and ideally the production company is going to have online presence in the form of a website and social media. Storytelling is very visual so anyone competent must have a website and samples of work.

Next step is to see if they have recommendations or at least some solid online reviews.

After those requirements have been satisfied it's time to hop on a quick call or perhaps an email first of to get to know them and see if they might be a fit for the job.

Usually the way we do things is we like to make sure everything is organized and is in its place and there are no red flags.

You can tell just by talking to someone if they know what they are doing or not. You can't fake experience and we expect whomever we are hiring to show us the optimal way getting the job done.

In a way every production is a learning experience and since we spend so much of our lives working, we want it to be an enjoyable experience so we tend to work and hire people we want to be around with, professionally speaking.

So just be on the lookout for anything odd, or strange. We also like working with people or companies who make it by design easy to work with. We like to think that here at HUSTL Media we are very easy to work with and are flexible in our approach.

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