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How to commercially film inside Las Vegas Casinos

Updated: Jan 22

Filming commercially inside Las Vegas casinos involves several specific steps and considerations. Here's a general guide to help you navigate this process:

Las Vegas Strip

  1. Obtain Permission:

  • Contact Casino Management: Each casino has its own policies regarding filming. Contact the casino's public relations or marketing department to inquire about their policies and the process for obtaining permission.

  • Detail Your Project: Be prepared to provide detailed information about your project, including the nature of the content, intended use, and any branding or promotional aspects.

  1. Acquire Necessary Permits:

  • Film Permits: Depending on the scale of your production, you might need a film permit from the city of Las Vegas or Clark County.

  • Special Permissions: Some areas within a casino, like the gaming floor or private suites, may require additional permissions.

  1. Understand and Adhere to Restrictions:

  • Privacy and Security Concerns: Casinos are sensitive to the privacy of their guests and the security of their gaming operations. You'll likely be restricted from filming patrons or sensitive areas like cashier cages.

  • Branding and Intellectual Property: Be aware of branding and intellectual property rights, especially regarding casino logos, machine designs, and artwork.

  1. Negotiate Fees and Contracts:

  • Location Fees: Filming in a casino often involves location fees. These can vary widely based on the casino, the extent of access required, and the duration of the shoot.

  • Contracts: Be prepared to sign a contract outlining the terms of your shoot, including liability, insurance requirements, and any restrictions on the content of your footage.

  1. Plan for Logistics:

  • Schedule Flexibly: Casinos are 24/7 operations. You may be required to film during off-peak hours to minimize disruption.

  • Crew and Equipment: Consider the logistics of bringing equipment into the casino and how your crew will operate in the space.

  1. Insurance and Liability:

  • Provide Proof of Insurance: Casinos will likely require you to have liability insurance and may ask to be added as an additional insured party.

  • Understand Liability Issues: Make sure you understand and comply with any liability clauses in your contract.

  1. Follow Casino Rules and Regulations:

  • Compliance with Casino Policies: Adhere to all casino rules and regulations during your shoot. This includes respecting areas that are off-limits to cameras.

  • Respect Patrons and Staff: Ensure your activities do not disrupt the casino’s operations or its patrons' experience.

  1. Post-Production Considerations:

  • Approval of Final Product: Some casinos may require the right to review and approve the final product before it's used commercially.

  • Credits or Acknowledgments: You may be required to credit the casino in your production.

Remember, each casino in Las Vegas has its unique requirements and processes for commercial filming. It's crucial to start this process well in advance of your planned shooting dates to ensure all permissions and arrangements are in place. As a video production company owner in Las Vegas, familiarizing yourself with these steps can be invaluable for smooth operations and successful shoots in these iconic locations.

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