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Flying a Drone commercially in Las Vegas

Updated: Jan 23

To fly a drone commercially in Las Vegas, you must adhere to several federal, state, and local regulations. Here's a summary of what you need to do:

Federal Regulations

DJI Mavic 3 drone on the ground not flying

  1. FAA Part 107 Certification: To operate a drone for commercial purposes, you'll need to follow the FAA's Part 107 Small UAS Rule. This involves passing the FAA's Aeronautical Knowledge Test to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate.

  2. Drone Registration: Register your drone with the FAA and pay a $5 registration fee for a three-year license. Mark your drone with the registration number for identification.

  3. Operational Guidelines: Ensure you're familiar with and follow FAA guidelines and regulations.

Local Laws in Las Vegas

  1. Las Vegas City Parks Ordinance: This prohibits the operation of drones within city park properties, including parking lots.

  2. Other Local Laws: Some regions, cities, or counties within Nevada may have their own drone laws, so it's important to check local regulations as well.

General Advice

  • Stay Informed: Always be up-to-date with the latest regulations as drone laws can change.

  • Fly Safely: Prioritize safety and respect the privacy and property of others.

  • Emergency Situations: For first responders or emergency situations, there are processes for expedited approval.


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