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Crew Role - Production Assistant [PA]

A Production Assistant (PA) is an entry-level position in film, television, and video production. PAs perform a variety of tasks to support the production team and ensure the smooth operation of the set. Here are the key responsibilities of a Production Assistant:

  1. Transportation: PAs may be responsible for transporting crew members, talent, and equipment to and from the set. This can involve driving production vehicles or coordinating transportation logistics.

  2. Errands and Deliveries: PAs run errands for the production team, such as picking up supplies, delivering documents, or obtaining necessary equipment from rental houses.

  3. Crowd Control: On larger productions or in public locations, PAs may be involved in managing crowds and ensuring that onlookers do not disrupt the filming process.

  4. Equipment Assistance: PAs help with the setup and breakdown of equipment. They may assist the camera department, grip and electric teams, and other technical crews in handling gear.

  5. Lockups: PAs are responsible for "locking up" areas during filming, preventing unauthorized access to the set and minimizing disruptions.

  6. Paperwork and Documentation: PAs may handle various administrative tasks, including filling out paperwork , collecting release forms, and organizing production documents.

  7. Communications: PAs serve as a communication link between different departments on set. They relay messages, provide information, and assist in maintaining effective communication.

  8. Stand-Ins: PAs may be used as stand-ins for actors during lighting setups and rehearsals to help the camera and lighting teams prepare for actual scenes.

  9. Support for Cast and Crew: PAs offer general assistance to the cast and crew, ensuring that everyone has what they need and addressing any requests or concerns.

  10. Clean-Up: PAs assist in cleaning and organizing the set after filming is completed. This includes packing up equipment, disposing of trash, and leaving the location in good condition.

Production Assistants play a crucial role in the overall efficiency of a production by taking care of various tasks, allowing other crew members to focus on their specialized roles. The position is an excellent entry point for individuals looking to gain experience and move up in the industry.

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