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CES Event Coverage

Consumer Electronic Show or CES is the biggest trade electronic's trade show in the world and it just so happens to take place in Las Vegas, NV.

Most of the biggest consumer facing brands in the world attend the show to showcase their products, strike deals, and showcase their innovations.

Obviously, anything that big requires a lot of planning and we as a production company usually try to urge the clients to not wait until last minute to request coverage.

A good time frame to start putting the video production together is about a month in advance in the beginning of December. You want to have everything arranged before Christmas for sure.

Requesting media as well as exhibitor badges may take up to a few weeks, so if you are planning on bringing last minute attendees it might be tough.

The most common type of coverage during a trade show is Booth coverage, definitely interviews, some B-roll, perhaps product testimonials and untying else needed to tell the brand's story.

HUSTL Media has been attending CES for the last 6 years with such clients as NIKON, NYSE, BLOOMBERG, VW as notable clients.

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