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5 Reasons why HUSTL Media shoots on Sony FX6

When it comes to professional grade video production we go with Sony Fx6 and there are 5 very good reasons indeed for that

Reason 1: Low Light Capability

When it comes shooting in low light, no camera comes close, except for Arri 35 which costs over $90,000, to Sony FX6. Sony FX6 is considered in the entire industry to be the staple of quality image capture when shooting in less that perfect lighting conditions. As a matter of fact as a client, you want the company you are hiring to be shooting hopefully on this camera. For cleanest possible images, less noise and grain, for more pleasing footage to look at Sony FX6 offers the dynamic range which allows the sensor to “SEE” things that other cameras simply can’t really come close to. Of course other things needs to be taken into consideration as well such as how fast of a glass you are using, what your aperture is and so on, but putting everything on the level playing field Sony did a phenomenal job w/ their sensor and this is why shooting in low light still offers so much to work with in post production.

Reason 2: Portability

A light camera is easier to handle, it is easier to transport, to pack, to shoot on. The person shooting on Sony FX6 doesn’t get as tired as fast as someone shooting on a heavier rig. It means you can switch from shoulder mode to low mode faster making you more nimble. A lighter camera doesn’t hurt the lower back as much saving you money on the healthcare costs. For anything run and gun related, for TV shows, documentaries, live event coverage or anything where you have to move around its definitely nice to have something that doesn’t weigh you down and allows you to go longer.

Reason 3: File sizes.

Video production process consists of shooting footage onto portable media, in this case onto SD cards or onto CF Express Type A cards and then working with that footage in post production to deliver the Final Cut to the client and hope you would hear back from them again. Luckily, Sony FX6 offers very manageable file sizes that means you don’t have to spend a ton of money on media cards. Camera such as REDs shoot raw which means a 1TB card can hold what maybe 20-30 min of content. So as a Director of Photography you constantly have to swap media, cut takes, and make sure you don’t run out of media and miss something important. See when you shooting on a Sony FX6 and you pop in 128gb card when shooting in Cine 4k mode that’s 4096x2160 at 23.976 FPS, you get 66 minutes of footage that you can write onto the card. 2 Card slots with 2 128gb SD cards in them and you have 2 hours of potential footage you can toss onto those. So essentially you can shoot for much longer periods of time delivering more content to the clients. Talk about value for money.

But that’s not all. When you toss all this into say Premiere Pro, smaller file sizes are easier to manage, they take less computing power to process, meaning you don’t need to have the most powerful machine to chew through all that footage, yet again saving you money. Reason 4: Internal NDs. We have already mentioned the camera’s low light capabilities, but what if there is too much light. What if it’s too bright outside? HUSTL Media is located in Las Vegas, NV and we get what about 300 sunny days a year and you bet every now and then we have to shoot outside in the sun, so having internal ND’s that basically put a neutral density filter in front of the sensor kinda putting on sun glasses when you go outside allow us to see things more clearly and for footage not to get overexposed. Everyone agrees that internal ND’s which work amazing on Sony FX6 are an absolute game changer. Reason 5: Price point. Sony FX6 for the body alone clock in at around $6,000 which in the professional video production means these are mid-range professional cameras. With high end cameras such as Arri 35 or Sony Venice 2 going for about $60K + all the add ons, this means we are able to offer professional grade quality footage for reasonable rates which in the eyes of our clients is a game changer. For that reason, we can shoot commercials, music videos, TV shows, corporate interviews, or virtually anything else with high end production value that we deliver once the footage gets to the client. Check out some of our featured work on and see for yourself.


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