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FAA Licensed [ Part 107 #4412531 ] + $2M Insured

Drone Reel

Dron Ree 2021

2023 Drone Reel

Flying a Drone 

The Process

Getting FAA Approval

It's best not to risk it. If a permit is needed it's better to spend time and get it versus taking a chance. FAA may take action and fine the company if flying in prohibited airspace. We usually take care of permitting for the client. It's best to have a few weeks notice if it's something complicated like flying near towered airport or an air base. 



Depending on where we need to fly, additional paperwork might be requested to a city council or the county. This process may take a week or more. We carry $2M in drone insurance and usually that's enough, however at times up to $5M+ may be needed. 



Safety is our #1 priority. If it's unsafe to fly, better not to take the risk and take it slow.  It's best to appoint a Visual Observer to keep eyes on the drone at all times. At the end of the shoot we transfer the footage over to the client. It's best to use fast SSDs to save time. 

In-House Drone Fleet

2x DJI Inspire 2


Zenmuse X5s Gimbal + ProRes/CDNG License
[ Lenses: 12mm, 15mm, 25mm, 45mm]

DJI Mavic 3


Best for flying in the city
Used on most TV shows


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